Unique Women Forum: Restoring the dignity of every marriage... restoring the dignity of women in Christ.


image Rev. Dr. Josephine James the founder and president of Unique Women Forum International, was born in February 1966 in a city called Aba, Abia State of Nigeria. She is the second daughter among a family of 10 children (8 girls and 2 boys). Before she knew the Lord, she was very religious and loves to be in the church with her grandmother. She has always wished to be a catholic sister, she had always desired to serve God all the days of her life. Josephine gave her life to Christ in 1982 at the age of 17 while in Secondary School. This encounter turned her heart to always ask, "What will I do to serve the Lord."

Josephine started growing in the Lord like every other girl, but there was something very peculiar about her life, the desire to study the word of God. At that age, because of her love for God she will always move out to preach the word of the Lord to the neighborhood. She was appointed one of the Sunday School Teachers, and as she grows she became one of the interpreters in the church. She interpreted from English to their vernacular language "Ibo." Her zeal and wisdom of speech because of the Word conditioned life made the pastor appoint her as the assistant of the women leaders. One may ask "are there no other women in the church?" When it is God it does not matter the age, but only God can answer certain questions of this life. She did it perfectly well and for many years. She even interpreted the man that later became her husband to today without knowing he will one day ask her hands in marriage.

As Josephine continue to serve the Lord in many departments of the church, The Lord spoke to her after her high school career concerning her ministry among the children and the women. This was confirmed by many and diverse revelations from God. After counseling from elderly ministers, she got so interested in children and was trained immediately in World Wide Child Evangelism Training Institute, Aba, Abia State Nigeria. She started working among the children in their church. She got married in 1987 and started working with her husband as they traveled to many places in Nigeria and other Nations of Africa. She also pastored a church with her husband in a village called Ojoto, Obofia in Anambra State of Nigeria. There she saw great manifestations of the Holy Spirit as she ministered among the women and the youth.

image Later, Rev. Josephine got her Diploma in Theology from Trinity College of Ministerial Arts affiliate of International Bible College & Seminary of DeSoto, Missouri, USA. She also received a Bachelors in Ministry and Masters in Christian Education from Kingdom Harvest School of Ministry, Indiana, USA. Today Josephine has received a Doctorate in Practical Ministry from Kingdom Harvest School of Ministry, Indiana, USA. She is a rare servant of Christ and she has been serving as a missionary and conference speaker with her husband for more than fifteen years, and she lectures in Missions and World Evangelism Bible College, Douala, Cameroon. Her message is based on Purpose, Wisdom, Dominion and Excellence.

Dr. Josephine has written some books which have changed the lives of many. Some Bible Colleges have adopted one of her books titled "Vision Beyond The Kitchen" as one of their textbooks for women ministry. That same book has been translated into French. She also has authored one of the "Best Seller" books in French "Moving To A Higher Dimension In Life."

As the founder and president of Unique Women Forum International, having its headquarters in Douala, Cameroon which is building many marriages today. Her main aim for the family is to have "Marriage Without Tears and to Have A Home As A Mini Heaven On Earth." She also leads Royal Women Fellowship International under Dominion Faith International Church where she helps her husband as the assistant Senior Pastor. She has traveled to several African Nations like Rep. of Benin, Rep. of Togo, Gabon, Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast preaching and teaching the gospel.

She is considered by many to be one of today's great ambassadors of Christ helping homes and marriages to be established in the light of God's Word. Many dark places in Africa and marriages have received prophetic words and words of wisdom that brought many changes in their lives. Jesus has been made manifest in the lives of many, others being filled with the Holy Ghost instantly as they listen to the anointed and inspirational words that proceed out of her mouth.

image The more Josephine obeys God's will for her life, the more God uses her to bring changes, renewal, refreshing, restoration and blessings to the body of Christ throughout the nation of Cameroon and Africa. Despite her busy schedule in her ministry, Josephine is a committed wife and mother.

She is married to Dr. Joseph Israel James, the Senior Pastor of Dominion Faith International Church, Douala, Cameroon, with branches within Africa. Her life has been committed to taking care of many families and this has made people to brand her "Mama James" even in her younger age. She is a blessing to the body of Christ.

She is a dynamic minister of the gospel, she runs marriage counseling, seminars, conferences, an orphanage and wisdom school for women and youth. She teaches and carries out programmes also on spiritual warfare. She is blessed with many wonderful children.