Unique Women Forum: Restoring the dignity of every marriage... restoring the dignity of women in Christ.


Unique women has devised a means of enriching her member through special teaching. We have discovered that you cannot be more than your knowledge. No one can talk or behave more than what she knows. To raise word-based and word-conditioned women we have established a monthly special program instructing women on how to go about their life and families.

We have treated many subjects that have changed many homes. We have seen many new women come to our monthly programs because of the testimonies of many that God has touched their lives and families. Today our monthly marriage programs titled "Women Face to Face" and "Marriage Without Tears" have transformed many lives; marriages and homes, the number has increased from a minor gathering to hundreds of people. On a daily basis many husbands and wives call us to share with us how sweet their marriage has become after the seminars or after reading the monthly special teaching of Mama James.


This program is a yearly Healing and Deliverance program held every February by unique women to bring healing and deliverance in the lives of many people that are suffering. We have invited different anointed servants of God to minister in this conference and many have seen the glory of God come down to change lives. We believe that God has a special love for women and that He answers quickly as they approach Him with a broken heart and contrite spirit. God has brought salvation, healing and miracles in the lives of many women and families and we call on the "God of Women" to intervene in their different problems.



As we have received special instructions from the Lord to build families and bring a change to the divorce in this area of the world, the devil has decided to bring his ugly hand into many marriages by bringing separation and divorce in many homes. The Lord said, "Daughter, you can bring laughter in many families that are agonizing, you can make homes to live without tears. You can still deliver the families that are already in the hands of the devil and make them to see the glory of God and shine again." Since we started this Women Better Life Conference, the Lord has shown us that He is the Lord of all lives and marriages. This saying is true, "Whatsoever is planted by the Lord can not be up-rooted by the devil or man." We have received congratulatory messages from many husbands and different families thanking us for what the Lord is doing in their homes.

Women Better Life Conference is an October yearly world congress of women where speakers come from many parts of the world to share the special ingredients that can put eternal sweetness in our lives and homes. We have found it a time of refreshment and restoration from above. It has really been a moment that women go home rejoicing and testifying of God's mercy and mighty acts over their lives. Make out a time to be there in the next world congress and your life and family will never remain the same.



Every Wednesday has been a wonderful time for many women in Cameroon. The prayer forum gathers to pray for the prayer requests of different families within Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. God is doing marvelous things through this group as they call on their heavenly Father to intervene in many lives; marriages and homes. Many families have been restored, many children changed and single ladies are blessed with husbands. Husbands get better work; lead a better life and rejoice over their homes. Reports of diverse healing after the prayer requests are coming in to the glory of God.

We believe in prayer. The power of prayer changes things, defeats the devil and causes the people of God to have dominion over every problem of life. God answers prayers in diverse supernatural ways. The divine principle that is most important in the life of every woman is to be humble before her Maker and her problems will become God's own. Click "Contact Us" and send us your prayer request. Unique Women Speak in Prayers.


Unique women has devised a means of reaching couples and this has been very effective. Twice a year couples are brought together to dine and share gifts with one another. It has changed many families that have been suffering for many years. Many marriages preparing for divorce and many that are already separated, though living in the same home have received the grace of God back in their marriages to live together. Testimonies prove that many troubled marriages have been united and received back their peace.

Be a part of this great event that transforms the lives of people. You can as well pray with us every Wednesday.