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How do you begin a relationship with someone who says I love? Some will frown as if it is evil for a man to come around. If you are a single lady, because of who God has made you must attract a man to you. Don't think it strange that a young man comes around you. There is something in you that he needs. Every single lady is a centre of attraction to young men. Your attitude will determine if he will say 'I will marry you' or if he will run away. Don't chase him away. Be kind and relate well.


The way you talk matters a lot. If you are a sales lady, the first approach to people brings either a positive reflection in their mind or the negative one. Your words can heal or bite. Your words can attract or push people away from you. For every speech, there is need for choice of word and manner of speech. Knowing what to say is different from knowing how to say it. Learn to choose your words when you talk around people or to a man that comes your way. Some ladies will put up the attitude of anger. You will always think they are quarreling with other. When they speak, you feel offended. They will say, I don't care who is offended or not. Anyway someone is looking at them. They may look beautiful, but no one marries beauty. People are after character. Character inside, well polished outside will produce beauty. The way you speak adds to part of your beauty.


Always ask yourself how ill I dress today. What kind of dress you put on. Many ladies has been destroyed by religion. They think when they dress shabby they will be holy and righteous before God. The cost of your attire does not matter, but how it looks and how you appear is what matters. Don't look sexy in public, it will attract the wrong people around you, but look neat and well dressed. Shape your dress to give you a sizable look. Why not check good fashion designers to see what fits you and how it may give you a good outlook. Don't look like Old Mother.


Every new hair style changes the face of a woman. New hair style, new beauty. You may not need much money, you simply need a change. Do it within your reach and means and you will look better today. I have seen young girls look like an old witch because of their hair. They will leave it so scattered and leave it for months without a new touch. Give your hair a new touch for a new look. You are already beautiful I know, but every time you do a new hair style, watch yourself at the mirror. You will see that you look much better and more pretty. Look for a new hair style and you will see a change.


The mirror speaks always of who we are to us. Just enter the next store around and tell them 'I need a touch of beauty.' No woman is ugly except those who refuse to take care of themselves. A little wet-lip or lipstick can touch your lips with a little change. Is your face always dry? You just need to talk to another lady that knows it better, just ask 'What do I need to touch my face?' Don't think money, rather think what you need and the Lord will make a way out. A little touch of good powder can make a change. Could it be that you need to remove some spots on your face that has stayed for long? It is possible. Just call the number of "Singles to Singles" and you will have a quick response for your change. Don't say 'I will change,' decide to change from today.


The truth about life is that your friend may not want to offend you. Sometimes if you have built trust towards one another, then your friend will talk to you carefully and very tactfully never to offend you. But, another person who is not your friend, who may not also be your enemy may speak to you carelessly and you will be offended. For example, if your body produce offensive odors. Sometimes, it is because we are not careful about our private parts. Sometimes, we don't handle our menstrual periods and tissues well. It could be that we don't care about our arm-pits, shaving the hairs and this produce 'much sweat' and then cause problem to people around you. Maybe you shave but still have such offensive odors. You just always need deodorants to help you absorb the heat and also give you a good fragrance. Using cologne after shave and bath is very okay. Sometimes if you have found out that after all things nothing changed, you then have to use lime to wash those parts that have such bad odors.

Good perfumes are good, but you need first to use deodorants to stop the heat production and then you think of other things. Sometimes it could be because you are not very careful about your mouth, you may also seek out some peppermint breath mints for your mouth. Your breath will be blessing people around you. You may ask your friend you trust, do you think I have a good fragrance, does my mouth produce good breath smell? Check out this little things they will help you and others around you.


Many that have used sex to get a mate have also lost the marriage to a better sex-machine. Your wisdom may say, attract him, get him down but the wisdom of God gives a better way to do it. When God is the foundation, don't mind - He will make all things beautiful in His time. The beauty you possess on the inside radiates on the outside. When you know better the Maker of mankind, He will put upon you an attraction but your make-up equal great success.

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