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Unique Partners

image Partnership is a two way covenant, and all the members of "Prayer Forum" that prays every Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM make a commitment to be your "Prayer Partner" and to make sure that you have results to your needs according to the will of God. We will sometimes send you "Forum Gifts" according to our income to encourage your life and faith.

God had to send some partners into the life of Jesus Christ to fulfill his ministry on earth. A man may have great vision from the Lord but if he does not have "Vision Builders," people like you, those ordained to change and impact the lives of people on earth, the vision will not make any step.


As a covenant partner to our ministry, "you are helping to advance the gospel" of our Lord Jesus Christ to change this perverse and wicked generation and the blessings that are attached to this great commission becomes your portion and that of your children.

Together - We can bring blessings to many families.

Together - We can put smiles on crying husbands and children.

Together - We can stop bad marriages and divorces in our society.

Together - We can help marriages to live without tears.

Together - We can be parents to many orphans that are suffering today.

Together - We Carry the gospel to every part of Africa and other parts of the World.


  1. You can be committed to monthly sponsorship of any department of this ministry. We welcome gifts from men and women who are interested in sponsoring missions in Africa. You may decide to help our programs by sending 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 US Dollars, Euro, Pounds Sterling, etc. or more monthly to help those in need of God's word to be refreshed.
  2. You can decide to send material things or money to help the destitute and orphans. You can also help the prisoners who are suffering and languishing in sorrows. Many have stayed months and years without trial. Others don't even know why they are there. You may as well decide to help those in rural areas by giving whatever you can like 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or 200 US Dollars, Euro, Pounds Sterling, etc. as the Lord leads you to help them to go to school and depart from ignorance and illiteracy that destroys their lives.
  3. You may be well pleased to help the prostitutes and street girls that have given their lives to Christ to be well established by looking into our projects and helping us to fulfill their lives. Nothing is too small neither too big to be invested into the work of the kingdom of our God. You can sow 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 or 1000 US Dollars, Euro, Pounds Sterling, etc. to bring forth this change that many are looking for. We will like you to come and see what we are using your gift to do in the kingdom. If you require some pictures we will be so pleased to do so. During our conferences and other programs your presence too will be highly expected.

Contact Us to sign up any help or call 00 237 990 52 98.