Unique Women Forum: Restoring the dignity of every marriage... restoring the dignity of women in Christ.

The Vision

image Unique Women Forum is a vision born of the Holy Spirit through Rev. (Mrs.) Josephine N. James since 1990 to fight and eradicate the ignorance and problems that bring divorce and destroy many marriage homes today, and to educate women to love their husbands and children more and to make their marriages a mini heaven on earth.

Unique Women believe that every woman is unique in creation, and that each is given dynamic potentials to make her life great, and her home a sweet and peaceful place to dwell. Unique Women has a unique teaching and mission to put laughter and joy in the mouth and face of every man through his wife. This forum has made every woman to understand that building a solid Christian home is a task, vision and mission sent from God.

We also affirm that laziness is not of God, thereby informing all women all over the world to bring forth into existence that which God has deposited inside of them to make their world great. God specifically spoke to the leader Josephine to go into the world and make disciples of women that will change "The Women's World" and to "Raise Spiritual Warriors" to chase the devil out of his domain and plant the "Blood Stained Banner" of Jesus Christ for the victory He purchased for women at the cross of calvary. Many women being rejected by many traditions in Africa and many parts of the world; God said, to her "Go Inspire Women To Discover Their God's Given Potentials And To Use Them To Change Their World."

image Many pastors say no to women; many world leaders say no to women; many traditions of many african and undeveloped countries say no to women, but God said "It is time to rise and change the Women's World."

Unique women then being sent by God has decided to carry out this great vision to make their family and children great. To help those in trouble, especially those in areas where many people refuse to go.

Unique women forum is interdenominational in nature and is known as "Women Face to Face" because the forum exposes secret and in-depth things on marriage and women affairs. The forum leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bringing out the things that help the home to fulfill God's purpose on earth.

Since Unique Women Forum is not a church or para-church, it embraces women of all faiths and religions, women of all classes, races and all walks of life. The forum has done good to many marriages. Her vision is to better every marriage and home by introducing them to the only source of good marriage our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Unique women teach that when the home is good then the church will have less problems. Unique Women teach that every woman must do something to help her home. We strongly believe in "Building Women to Make Their Home A Mini Heaven On Earth"