Unique Women Forum: Restoring the dignity of every marriage... restoring the dignity of women in Christ.


image You are welcome to the life changing and diverse ministries of Unique Women Forum where Jesus reigns supreme. The Unique Women Forum is a gathering of women from different walks of life, all races of life without discrimination but with humble spirit seeking the face of the Lord and receiving instructions from His word to bring a change in their personal lives and families. UWF seeks to restore the dignity of every marriage by restoring the dignity of every woman in Christ. Every woman must understand her mission on earth before she can fulfill her purpose of creation. Women are the heart of the home, when the heart stops beating, the whole body stops working. Where the mother of the home does not care, the whole marriage is dead and goes into confusion. So UWF seeks to bring all women to this understanding of deep affection for their homes and husbands.

imagePastor Regina Villela

Unique Women Forum is non-denominational and runs her program every last Sunday of every month at the Main Auditorium from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

There are other activities that build up the women which take place on other days of the week. Unique Women Forum has spread to other cities and provinces of Cameroon. Not only that, but many other countries of Africa have embraced this heavenly vision that transformed the lives of women and their marriages into a mini heaven on earth.

imagePastor Georgy Elizabeth

Many people from other nations are already planting this vision in their area to bless their Nation and bring this great transformation that is going on in different families into their nation. God has recently raised some American women, true servants of God, militant missionaries that have worked in many nations of the world to partner with Unique Women. Pastor Regina Villela has started this forum in Indiana, USA. She is the vice president of Servants of the Street, SOS that is reaching those addicts while Pastor Georgeana Elizabeth represents it in Texas and she also presides over REACH international. Both of them have visited Douala, Cameroon the headquarters of UWF. They also being on SIO-SIO island where UWF is helping those that are suffering.

jean_mcdillJean McDill

God has raised another lady to start Unique Women Forum in the State of Alabama, Jean McDill by name, who is now doing exploits in gathering women every Tuesday. Papa James was privileged to visit them and their gathering was great. Holy Ghost explosive gathering. God is using Jean McDill to teach women and minister deliverance and healing to them. Several women have testimonials of what the Lord is doing in their lives.

Jean McDill is using her experience in life and ministry to help so many women that are now joining Unique Women Forum in America. Be a part of this great vision in your state and the Lord is taking this vision to many nations of the world. Never allow your tradition or anything to hold you captive from doing what God has called you to do. This is God's time for women in our generation. ARISE AND SHINE FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS RISEN UPON YOUR LIFE. Don't look down on yourself. This is your time and this is your season. May the Most High God give you inspiration and greater insight to see and know what he has called you to do like this great Mother Jean McDill.

You can make inquiries about the UWF by clicking "Contact Us" or you can contact the schedule of Unique Women Forum through our members that are found in your nation. God has used this forum to affect the lives of many marriages and also many young ladies that are seeking the will of God in their lives. This forum visits the orphanages to help those children, they have also established a nursery and primary school in an island where there is no school, no hospital, no light, no good drinking water and many other things that make life easy.

Unique Women Forum believes that once someone is created by God that such must be loved, helped and given a place in the society to express and develop himself or herself. This forum believes in sacrificing whatever God has given them to help the needy and the poor.

Note that the Unique Women Forum holds every last Sunday of every month in Douala and other members in other cities of Cameroon are constantly gathering in their places of meeting also to meet with the Lord. Be there if you are in Douala or its environs. You can call us through 00237 990 52 78 or 237 7702639 to locate the Unique Women gathering place in your nation. If you are in America, you can call +15742924513 to meet with the coordinator of USA.

Women travel all over the country to be a part of this Unique and wonderful gathering. You too can avail yourself of this great opportunity to put a smile on the face of your family. All you need is found in the hands of the Lord. "Marriage Without Tears" is your portion on earth. It takes a Unique Woman to have a Unique Husband and to produce Unique Children. The Unique God has a Unique Package for your Unique Family.

Unique God + Unique Vision + Unique Service
= Unique Women
Come and be a part of this great
Commission from above.

Rev. Dr. Josephine James
International President